Liquid Filtration Supplier

A national supplier / distributor of liquid filtration products that specializes in high end brand products, including strainers, bag filtration and cartridge filtration. CFS engaged with Ki during the summer of 2016, 2 months after the site had launched. The site had no previous SEO work and started with no visibility and no rankings.

• Over a 2+ year period quote requests grew by over 4,300%
• Over a 2+ year period website traffic grew by over 1,940%

Ecommerce Rifle Parts Manufacturer

Rifle Basix, a national manufacturer / distributor of rifle parts, engaged with Kashmer Interactive mid-2016 to stop the decreasing online revenue and decreasing visibility since the current business owners had purchased the company.

Kashmer Interactive engaged with this client and pushed numbers to New Levels!

• A 139% growth in Organic Revenue in 18 months!
• Organic Traffic increased 216% in 18 months!

Minerals Processor & Supplier

Great Lakes Minerals, LLC is a processor and supplier of raw minerals. They are a leading processor of alumina based minerals specific to the refractory and abrasive markets. Common applications where GLM’s products are used include blasting media, sandpaper, coatings, surface preparation and more.

Great Lakes Minerals approached Ki with a unique objective. They had never used the web to generate business. We took on the challenge.

Breaking the Chain with Google Disavow Tool

Google Disavow Link Tool URL

Google Disavow Link Tool URL Looking for the actual URL to the Google Disavow Tool? Here it is: So why did we create a blog post about it? Great question! This tool has never been real easy to find. At one point it was linked to within Webmaster Tools (Now Search Console). I only…

National Trademark Attorney

Gerben Law Firm, PLLC, a national trademark attorney, re-engaged with Kashmer Interactive in mid 2016 to continue SEO efforts that were initially started in 2011 by Korey, founder of Kashmer Interactive.

Since re-engagement efforts have reflected strong growth from traffic & leads:

• Within 8 months Organic Traffic grew 193%
• Within 8 months Leads from Organic Search grew 210%

National Ecommerce PVC Products Retailer

A national PVC Products retailer / distributor that has worked with Korey Kashmer, founder of Kashmer Interactive since 2012.

Main objectives since the relationship started focused on increasing revenue through Organic Search by driving more transactions via targeted SEO efforts specific to focused product offerings.

• Over a 3 year period Organic Revenue increased 2,036%
• Over a 3 year period Organic Traffic increased 922%