Opt-In Email Marketing Services

The majority of businesses out there, big and small, talk about how they need to start and maintain some type of email marketing campaign, yet very few actually do. Email is one of the biggest communication tools in the 21st century. Email is said to connect over 85% of the world. Why not capitalize on that?

Let Kashmer Interactive start and maintain that initiative for you. Unlike most businesses, we specialize in email marketing and have the tools and resources to complete the task. We believe in opt-in email marketing and recommend no other alternatives. If you have a list we can help you utilize it. If we need to start building a list, we are here to help.

Our email marketing services include everything except list generation.

  • Custom Email Template Creation
  • Campaign Creation
  • List Management
  • Delivery
  • Tracking & Reporting

Our email marketing efforts make sure you or your organization maintain compliance with anti-spam requirements.

Generating a List

Kashmer Interactive does not provide lists for our clients but we can help you get started. As long as your website has exposure and gets traffic we can help capitalize and gather contact information. Internal list generation is the best way to create a list. The purchasing of lists from outside sources is typically a lower equality effort which produces low email marketing conversion rates.

If you would like more information on our email marketing services, complete our contact form or call us at: (704) 981-1010