Breaking the Chain with Google Disavow Tool

Google Disavow Link Tool URL

Looking for the actual URL to the Google Disavow Tool? Here it is:

So why did we create a blog post about it? Great question! This tool has never been real easy to find. At one point it was linked to within Webmaster Tools (Now Search Console). I only saw that a few times. It was then removed from my understanding. (Still not 100% sure if it is / was there).
I decided to reference it within a blog post to make it easier to find it. Here is the official Url: .

If you need more information on disavowing links, visit Google’s actual help guide on it here:

Google Disavow URL Selection InterfaceWe don’t have to disavow links very often for clients, but when we do, this tool is the one to use.

Eventually I’d like to write a complete guide to disavowing links, but time is limited and I know there’s quite a few that exist out there already. Here s a good one by Bruce Clay.

If Google decides to publish the Google Disavow Link Tool URL in a easy to find location, i’d be more than happy to delete this post 😀

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