Google Insights Snapshot

Google Local Business Insights from Client Data

Running an agency that has a great depth of clients provides us with access to some awesome data. This data helps us do a better job of identifying problems, analyzing trends and providing better SEO.

Within our portfolio of clients are the local service providers. We love these clients! Part of our SEO Strategy for these clients includes Google Local efforts. With those efforts comes all the collective data from our main Google Local Business account. This data speaks volumes on how reaching Google Local is. I had to share it:

  • 98% of our local listings are live. This is huge considering we have just shy of 50 listings we manage. (You gotta love the occasional listing that’s been pending review for 3 months.)
  • 50,890 views. That’s amazing considering the number of active listings we manage. That’s serious reach, and it continues to grow.
  • 1,271 actions, which we understand as being a click of some type on the listing (click to call, click to website, click for directions).
  • 2.5% Action (CTR) rate. Pretty standard really. I would expect to see this a bit higher, but there’s quite a few factors packed into this.

From our understanding, this is for one calendar month.

Google Local Business Insights Chart - 1 Month

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