Project Summary:

Legends of Tech approached Kashmer Interactive with a task of building a brand that is specific to targeting Cyber Security training courses online. There’s quite a few security training companies out there, but Legends of Tech wanted to hone in on their expertise, which is specific to cyber security as well as training within cyber security: SOC Analyst training, penetration testing, cloud security training, etc.

Who Is Legends of Tech:

Legends of Tech was founded in 2021, with the mission of embracing online training in the cyber security vertical. We want to help professional Security Operations Center team members grow their education & training through online connectivity.

Types of Cyber Security Training offered by legends of Tech:

SOC Analyst Training

Behinds the scenes, and not talked about much, is the Security Operations Center (SOC) position. This position is crucial to organizations that need to keep their networks and operations secure. The SOC Analyst handles security cyber threats. Advanced Security has gathered a team of professionals to provide the best SOC analyst online training courses available.

Cloud Security Training

The cloud continues to grow an extremely fast rates. With that growth comes the need for ever growing security, to ensure we keep hackers out, while keeping files and information safe. Advanced Security’s cloud security training courses provide continued education or the next step for your teams.

AdvSec is actively blogging on a range of topics, including latest security trends and more. Check out their latest blog post on how to become a cyber security analyst here.