PVCFittingsOnline is a national supplier / distributor of PVC products for residential consumers as well as commercial contractors. PVCFittingsOnline specializes in piping, fittings, valves, plumbing supplies, adhesives and more.

Since 2012 Ki’s Founder, Korey Kashmer, created and drove the SEO Strategy for PVCFittingsOnline through 2 different agencies. The initial 3+ year engagement resulted in Extreme Organic Traffic and Revenue Growth! Re-engagement took place with Kashmer Interactive in mid-2016. The re-engagement once again has reflected Huge Growth and All-Time Highs. Efforts have taken this ecommerce website from dozens of orders a month to thousands of orders per month; transforming PVCFittingsOnline into a multi-million dollar a year business.

Amazing!!! If I could only use one word to explain the difference Kashmer Interactive has made in our business it would be Amazing. Korey and his team have worked with us for 5+ years. We knew it was only a matter of time before he started his own web marketing business “Kashmer Interactive” and the results have only improved. They care deeply about the companies that they work with and put the best long term plan in place for each one. I would recommend Kashmer Interactive to anyone needing help with SEO / Internet Marketing.

— Ron Heisler —

Initial Engagement – Results

2,036% Growth in Organic Revenue over
3 Years
679% Growth Year over Year

922% Growth in Organic Traffic over
3 years
307% Growth Year over Year

Re-Engagement – Results

115% Growth in Organic Revenue over
1.5+ Years

92% Growth in Organic Traffic over
1.5+ Years

Ki’s engagement with PVCFittingsOnline has been more than just results. Ki / PVCFO has a long-term relationship built on trust, results and business collaboration. We value clients that invest in more than just results, but also the relationship. Contact Us to see if working with Ki is a fit for you and your organization.