Haven Lighting is a residential & commercial landscape lighting manufacturer based in the United States, that is truly the first of it’s kind when it comes to LED / Color landscape lighting. Haven approached Ki with a tall task of helping them bring their high end color landscape lighting to market in a range of ways, including eCommerce as well as through custom quoted systems. We also had the task of working through how to market Haven to residential consumers as well as ensuring we maintained the commercial / dealer relationship.

When this campaign started, Haven had not sold one system through their website. It was a proof of concept to understand how consumers would digest their cutting edge color LED lighting products.

Ki effectively helped Haven with the following:

  1. Sorting out how to bring their products to market through eCommerce as well as a quoted system
  2. Navigate through positioning the residential products, but, ensuring we kept continuity for the existing dealer relationships.
  3. Effectively growing Haven’s online organic search presence through SEO, driving the site from 0 visibility for non-branded search keywords, into the top spots for extremely competitive keyword phrases like color landscape lighting.

Ki has worked with haven for over 2 years and is actively managing a full blown SEO Campaign as well as Google Paid Ads. Over this period of time, organic traffic has grown over 1,390%, organic eCommerce revenue has grown from $0 to 10’s of thousands and we’re seeing dozens of system quotes completed monthly. This doesn’t include total revenues, which is a combination of online marketing efforts & offline brand growth.

I have been through several “SEO” firms that say they will do this and that. Korey and his team are the only ones that have lived up to the hype. I highly recommend Ki if you want to lead the google search pages!

— Chris McCoy —


$0 to $40K a Mo. in eComm Rev. over 2+ Years

1,30% Growth in Traffic over 2+ Years

Haven Lighting is another case study that speaks to Ki’s dedicated work within Organic Search / Google Ads. Sometimes a campaign requires a different approach that may need content, specific types of link building or even a paid search campaign. If you’re considering a digital marketing campaign, get in touch with us. We’ll have a 15 minute conversation and see if we can help!