Great Lakes Minerals, LLC is a processor and supplier of raw minerals. They are a leading processor of alumina based minerals specific to the refractory and abrasive markets. Common applications where GLM’s products are used include blasting media, sandpaper, coatings, surface preparation and more.

Great Lakes Minerals approached Ki with a unique objective. They had never used the web to generate business. We took on the challenge.

Starting with a website that took 25 seconds to load, barely any photography, few pages of content and no web presence, Ki pushed GLM into the search results and into the online market.


  • Re-Worked WordPress website – Increase load speeds, add SEO plugins, implement Schema, etc.
  • Put together a content strategy focused on search
  • gathered photos and videos from the client and presented them on the site
  • Started a link building campaign to grow a website with 0 authority
  • Created a way to capture leads in a flow that helped focus on mass tonnage orders
  • Various other action items

Within 3 months Great Lakes Minerals began to show up in the search results for some of their core keyword phrases like Calcined Bauxite and Browned Fused Alumina Supplier. The site also started to increase in traffic and began to generate inbound leads for the first time ever.

Within a year GLM’s website had reflected a 17 fold increase in traffic and was generating dozens of leads a month, making the initial challenge a success.

Thank you again for services provided to Great Lakes Minerals. You all have been a pleasure to work with!

— Rick Silvestri —


3,500% Growth in Contact & Pricing Leads over 1 Year

1,623% Growth in Organic Traffic over 1 Year

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