Commercial Filtration Supply

Service Date(s): 2 1/4 years (current)


A national supplier / distributor of liquid filtration products specific to the commercial & industrial segment. Target customers include food processing, beverage manufacturing, chemicals, water treatment facilities, automotive, machining and more. This client specializes in high end brand liquid filtration products, including strainers, bag filtration and cartridge filtration.

This client engaged with Ki during the summer of 2016, 2 months after the site had launched. The site had no previous SEO work and started with no visibility and no rankings.


4,300% Growth in Quotes over 2 1/4 Years


Start 0 Leads
Current 44 Leads

1,940% Growth in Traffic over 2 1/4 Years


Start 64 Visits
Current 1306 Visits

The Client

“Amazing!!! If I could only use one word to explain the difference Korey has made in our business it would be Amazing. Korey has worked with us for 5+ years. We knew it was only a matter of time before he started his own agency “Kashmer Interactive” and the results have only improved. Korey cares deeply about the companies that he works with and puts the best long term plan in place for each one. I would recommend Kashmer Interactive to anyone needing help with Internet Marketing”

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