Businesses Need to Focus on Core Service Results

Focusing on Core Service Offerings as a Business

As an SEO Guru and internet marketer for over 15 years i’ve had a lot of experience working at different agencies and companies. Throughout my journey i have always fallen back to my true love and craft, SEO. Partly because I simply love SEO and how I can move results, but also because I love the gains obtained on the back side for clients. The wins are just as exciting for me as they are for my client. Sometimes more exciting! But, along my career path I have gotten to know all the other parts of internet marketing very very well. From paid search management to email marketing distribution and drip campaigns to dabbling in social and working on full blown strategies where all pieces come together.

At the end of the day, my main track has always been SEO and really 75% to 85% of my work has always come back to that.

Along the path, it has always seemed somewhat clear to me that if you focus what you do around a core offering (like SEO let’s say), that you will be better at that one offering and be able to show more results and ultimately provide a better offering for clients. This has played out many times with bigger companies. Even in our own space, look at Moz making that decision. Moz decided to change the business strategy and focus on Search, cutting 28% of their staff as a part of this change. Having conversations with many internet marketers and personal experience in the industry I have always come back to that belief. Offer fewer services and master them. Do them extremely well. Perform to the best of your ability in that core competency.

While many business owners may disagree with this, I’m fully in that camp and it seems like many companies out there have found that out the hard way.

My recommendation to really any business, but businesses especially in the internet marketing field, is to provide fewer services to clients and make the services you do provide your core. Do them extremely well. Provide good results, keep those relationships close and help those clients grow their businesses.

The long term payout seems immense.

This may not be the right answer for every business, but it’s definitely holding true for us.

I will note that it’s not that you can’t offer multiple services as a business, it’s that you must do it right, without causing other performance area’s to suffer. The bigger you get the more everything gets stretched. By the nature of focusing on fewer offerings or products your business growth affects the performance less in those core areas.

Kashmer Interactive, LLC is an agency that is very focused on SEO Services, with 90% off our work being Search Engine Optimization. We do have a depth of knowledge in other service offerings, and we’re more than happy to potentially entertain those as a part of a strategy for a client, but our core will always be SEO.


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